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Xi'an iHelp Wearable Electronic Co.Ltd. provide mobile health(mHealth) products and services to dealers and distributors throughout the globe. As a recognized key player in the rapidly growing medical alarm device and eHealth sector, by leveraging our over 20 years of accumulation in MEMS sensor and IOT and our innovative culture, we R&D and manufacture the top-of-notch wearable healthcare products and turn-key solutions that enable our users to be proactive with their health, as well as safe and protected at all times. Our products and services are always stae-of-art and cost effective.

Since the product came to the market, it is widely praised in the industry. It has been reported by "Shaanxi Daily", "Hong Kong Wen Hui Newspaper", "China Electronics News", "Science and Technology Daily", "Shaanxi TV", "Xi'an Television",and " Chinese Business View " or other media.

Now the products have been exported to over 20 countries abroad, and began to establish a sales network in the United States and Australia.